Christopher Cree

Christopher has been in the wine trade for over 35 years, beginning when a trip to Europe after high school graduation developed into a life-long passion for the wine trade. In 1996, he became only the thirteenth American to have passed the Master of Wine Examination since it was first given in London in 1953. Today, there are there are 338 active Masters of Wine worldwide, with only 38 located in the US. The exam not only covers winemaking and grape growing, but the business of selling, marketing and distributing wine as well. It also demands that successful candidates identify (in a series of blind tastings held over three days), the grape(s) used, where they were grown (country and region), vinification methods employed, the vintage or age, alcohol, acidity, sweetness and the quality/maturity in a line up of 36 wines.

Chris has worked as a lecturer and educator for a wide array of clients and has also been a guest several times on CNBC and Martha Stewart Radio Network.  His success as a wine educator/lecturer can be attributed to a unique understanding of what people want to know about wine, a talent that evolved during years of working with the clients of his retail shops. The result is a down to earth approach that is delivered in an intellectual but entertaining manner. His style prompted Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher of The Wall Street Journal to write the following: “Real wine experts aren’t snooty…they’re simply passionate about wine. You’d enjoy sharing a bottle with them.”