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History of Pluckemin

Private events at the Pluckemin Inn.
A fine way to create a memorable occasion. From small informal or business gatherings to larger affairs and ceremonies, our spaces can conform to accommodate your needs perfectly.

Private Dining any time of day or evening.
Continental breakfast, lunch, seated dinner and/or passed hors d’oeuvres.

Private dining and Pluckemin Inn legendary wine service.
Tasting events, paired dinners, wine seminars, or sommelier-guided events.

Click on any link below to view/download our
Private Dining PRIX FIXE Menus and Planner:

$85 Dinner • $45 Lunch • $35 Lunch • Menu Planner
Hors de oeuvres option


Private Dining Rooms & Configurations.
The Private Dining Room accommodates 12 to 14 comfortably, and is perfect for your smaller events and meetings. Carl’s Room, for 16 - 18 people, is a fine choice for cocktail parties, wine dinners, larger board meetings and family gatherings.
Private Dining
You may also choose to configure any of the two main dining rooms upstairs along with the private rooms to fit your needs, including a layout of the entire restaurant.

Make your next event an affair to remember.
Contact Tal Itzhaki to reserve your room today. 908/658.9292